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‘Desperate Widows’ director Lane Shefter Bishop on ‘mommunes’ and making up an imaginary town for Lifetime movie

The director and ‘book whisperer’ says it’s very important to show what women can do when put in a tough situation
By Bhagyasri Chaudhury

Lane Shefter Bishop was on a plane, reading a magazine when she came across an article about a mom commune. It was then that an idea was born. “With the mothers and daughters there it would be a great idea for a Lifetime movie,” she tells MEAWW in an exclusive interview.

The Emmy award-winning director, who is also a busy speaker, author, producer, and ‘book whisperer’, is currently in Canada directing a film, but she took out some time for a quick email chat on her newest Lifetime film. ‘Desperate Widows’ peeps into the underbelly of the black market trafficking of women and girls, in a high-security stronghold of potential slaves, sinisterly helmed by a woman.

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