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‘Desperate Widows’ Review: This unsettling human trafficking film on a mother-daughter duo is perfect for Women’s Day

‘Desperate Widows’ releases on the eve of Women’s Day… In it, every woman will find their story told!
By Bhagyasri Chaudhury

It’s easy to mark ‘Desperate Widows’ as just another mediocre film, but that’s exactly what it’s not. On the surface, you see a bunch of well-dressed women trying to make the best use of the dialogues, which sometimes seems so natural, it risks being branded as “bad acting”. The Lifetime movie begins with a crime, following which the rest of it showcases the tale in broad daylight in a sunny cafe or a bright farm with uplifting music.

So if you’re looking for your daily dose of on-the-face horror or gore that usually comes along with human trafficking films, Lane Shefter Bishop’s newest thriller might not cut it for you. With its pastel palettes and polite yet wicked conversations, the movie does not aim to shock with the gruesome but unsettle with its slow-moving storyline and deliberate dosage of sweet talk.

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